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Daniel Alegria was born in Santiago, Chile and emigrated to the United States in 1980. Daniel always knew that he wanted to come to America to accomplish his dream of owning a business and providing a better life for his family. The drive for success always propelled him to work hard and not make excuses. He would always ask himself, "If others could do it, why can't I?" Settling in Miami, FL, Daniel began working as a construction laborer and began an apprenticeship with a finish carpenter. After years as a carpenter's aide and subsequently as a carpenter, Daniel founded D.A.R. Finish Corp. on May 9th, 1988.

D.A.R. Finish Corp. focused on finish carpentry products and installation services for residential properties and developments. Daniel was able to lead the company through successive years of growth and expansion and in 2004 opened D.A.R. Millwork, which focused on door, frame, finish hardware, and bath specialty products distribution. During this time he also began teaching his son Nicolas the tools of the trade in hopes of one day passing on his dream.

Today, Daniel has stepped back from directing operations for the companies but continues to be involved by advising Nicolas on all endeavors of the companies while still being able to enjoy his free time with his family and grandchildren.


Nicolas Alegria was born and raised in Miami and is a second generation finish carpenter. Nick (or Nico as his father calls him) grew up watching his father build his dream in South Florida which instilled in him core values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and a drive to achieve success in all endeavors taken on. His father Daniel began teaching him the tools and methods of the trade at a very young age and also provided ample opportunities for him to rise within the ranks of the company in which he desired to have him lead into the future. Nicolas was always a quick study and gained a great deal of experience both in construction and business from his father but realized that one is truly never done learning, so he also earned a Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University.


After years of managing operations alongside his father, Nick restructured the companies in 2011 and shifted the business plan to include a more commercial project portfolio. Through years of experience with his father Nick knew that the construction market was missing a specialty trade contractor that could adapt between large residential and commercial developments without sacrificing Dedication to the core values his father instilled in him, Authentic quality products and workmanship, and Reliability unparalleled in the field.

As President, Nicolas oversees all projects and project managers to uphold his vision for the future of DAR. Over the last few years, he has led DAR Finish Specialties and DAR Wholesale to successive growth by continually offering quality and reliability for turnkey products and services for custom residences to high-end hotels and resorts.


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