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In Loving Memory

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Daniel Alegria
JANUARY 8, 1959 - APRIL 28, 2022

Daniel Alegria was born in Santiago, Chile and emigrated to the United States in 1980. Daniel always knew that he wanted to come to America to accomplish his dream of owning a business and providing a better life for his family. The drive for success always propelled him to work hard and not make excuses. He would always ask himself, "If others could do it, why can't I?" Settling in Miami, FL, Daniel began working as a construction laborer and began an apprenticeship with a finish carpenter. After years as a carpenter's aide and subsequently as a carpenter, Daniel founded D.A.R. Finish Corp. on May 9th, 1988.

D.A.R. Finish Corp. focused on finish carpentry products and installation services for residential properties and developments. Daniel was able to lead the company through successive years of growth and expansion and in 2004 opened D.A.R. Millwork, which focused on door, frame, finish hardware, and bath specialty products distribution. During this time he also began teaching his son Nicolas the tools of the trade in hopes of one day passing on his dream.

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